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Endless Opportunities for Senior Living

K4Connect’s new stand-alone FusionOS provides a plug-and-play approach to integration. This new solution allows operators to seamlessly integrate all aspects of their communities’ technology stack, including those for the back office and your residents.

The FusionOS architecture enables our community partners to have endless opportunities for growth with popular applications, smart devices and other standalone services that enhance resident life and improve the workday for community teams. Whether integrating with systems you already know and enjoy or expanding with new integrations, FusionOS makes all of this possible and more. Most importantly, our enterprise management capabilities bring all of your technologies under “one roof” and surfaced in an easy-to-use interface.

We’re constantly expanding our integrations and partnerships to help you bring the best possible technology experience to your community. With 41 patented technologies to-date, we are committed to investing in innovation that benefits the entire senior living industry.

Featured Integration

K4Connect integrates with Netsmart EHR system

Netsmart helps senior living operators provide coordinated care to their residents. The solution includes a long-term care EHR that bridges gaps in critical resident information that secures and optimizes resident health management workflows for community staff. With Netsmart, senior living staff can securely exchange resident health information with necessary healthcare providers, respond quickly to changes in care plans and manage risk more effectively.

Our Integrations

Our flagship solution, K4Community, is the intuitive interface of our integrations ecosystem. Whether your community is looking for smart lighting solutions, mobile applications for resident engagement or ways to streamline staff communications, K4Community connects it all. Most importantly, we provide all of our community partners with access to the critical data all of these apps and systems are generating, meaning you now have the tools to learn, measure and report on technology success across your community.
See our current preferred integration partners, below.

Create Meaningful Experiences

Streamline How You Connect

Build Smarter Environments

Connect Your Workplace & Teams

Ease Resident Access to Community Resources

Resident Engagement

Transforming the resident experience through in-home entertainment, wellness and inspirational content that keeps residents stimulated and active.

amazon logo

Amazon Alexa

Voice-access to community-specific content and programming.

curiositystream logo


Award-winning documentary streaming and on-demand digital content.

youtube logo


Create a YouTube playlist of content residents can access any time.

vimeo logo


Easily share video content with your residents.

Integrated Communications

Easing and diversifying communication between residents, their families and community teams through streamlined, integrated tools.

amazon logo

Amazon Alexa

Voice-first communications for residents and staff.


Popular virtual conferencing and video chat platform.

Google Meet

Free, easy virtual conferencing and video chat.

Microsoft Teams

Easy virtual team management and conferencing.

vonage logo


A leader in voice, messaging and video enterprise communications.

bandwidth logo


Quality enterprise communications and networking.

Smart Home

From home automation to at-home safety devices, we integrate with leading IoT brands to create more responsive, comfortable and accessible environments for older adults.

amazon alexa logo

Amazon Alexa

Voice control of enterprise smart home devices, including lighting and thermostats.

Johnson Controls

A global leader in sustainable and efficient home automation.


A leading innovator in smart home automation and LED lighting.

general electric logo

General Electric

A world leader in energy products and technologies.

intel logo


A global leader in intelligent enterprise IoT technology.

ecolink logo


Intelligent security and home automation products.

fibaro logo


Wireless smart home and home automation technology.

gocontrol logo


Smart home connected products.

homeseer logo


Fast and reliable home automation systems and devices.

aeotec logo


A leading creator of Z-Wave IoT and automation electronics.

Team Productivity

Creating a connected workplace for community teams with smart tooling that keeps teams in sync, informed and supported.

microsoft ppt logo

Microsoft PowerPoint

Upload Microsoft PowerPoint content to the K4Community Team Hub.

microsoft word logo

Microsoft Word

Easily share Microsoft Word documents through K4Community.


Free, online survey and poll tool.

jotform logo


Free online form builder for businesses.

typeform logo


Beautifully designed surveys and polls.

google forms logo

Google Forms

Free, easy-to-use online surveys.

Community Services

Enabling and simplifying resident access to community services all from the comfort of home.

Volante Logo


Cloud-based point of sale system for senior living.


A leading EHR platform for senior living.

worxhub logo


Seamlessly create and manage work orders.

Grove Menus

Dietitian-approved menus for senior living.

ServingIntel Logo


Integrated dining and transaction management.

fullcount logo

Full Count

Point of sale system built for senior living.


Point of sale system for senior living.


Food service management software.

Explore integrations for your community

Reach out to our team here to learn more about integration options, capabilities and pricing.

K4Labs: Innovation Happens Here

At K4Connect, we’re driven by meaningful innovation for older adults. This is what we do behind the doors of K4Labs – rigorously testing devices and systems to ensure we’re only putting the best technology into the hands of our residents. We specialize in enterprise IoT and have influenced the improvement of a number of consumer home automation devices and hardware from leading brands to better meet the needs of older adult users, including Johnson Controls International and Jasco, a manufacturer of GE-branded products.

Over the years, our lab experts have tested nearly 150 devices to determine those that best meet our criteria. Only an average of 15% receive the K4Labs stamp of approval for integration.

Our Guiding Testing Criteria

  • Designed for Enterprise Deployment
  • Older Adult-Friendly/Compatible
  • Cost-Effective
  • Device Access & Availability
Senior woman triggers smart bedroom lighting to turn on when waking up

Jasco & General Electric

Working with Jasco, a manufacturer of GE smart switches & dimmers, we provided feedback on how to improve these products for older adult use. Through resident experiences and in-house testing in K4Labs, K4Connect uncovered improvements on customizable light dimming settings, motion-detected lighting for slower-moving seniors and optimized motion detection that helped avoid false positives, improved battery life and more.

Amazon Early Adopter Program

Our working relationship with the Amazon team has allowed us to improve voice experiences for older adults. Our R&D in voice technology has resulted in incredible value for our residents, including enterprise management Echo Dot devices, native smart home device controls, our customized ‘Call the Front Desk’ feature, and curating specific skills that can be pushed to community-wide Alexa devices. Our engineers are constantly innovating in the voice category with much more on the horizon.

Happy older couple enjoying their home with the KONOse smart thermostat

Johnson Controls & KONOse

Johnson Controls is a leading home automation device company. We had the opportunity to collaborate with their team to improve the design and function of the new KONOse smart thermostat specifically for older adult users. Our K4Labs team evaluated the device on function and design, ultimately influencing a new device with an older adult-friendly UI and experience. Older adults are not just deserving of smart devices that work for them, but devices that look great, too.

Can your integration make a difference in the lives of older adults?

We are always looking for partners that can make a difference in senior living. If you have a product or service that aligns with our mission of serving older adults through technology, reach out to our team here.

Reach out to our team here to learn more about integrations and partnerships.

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