K4Community Plus

The Resident Experience, Reimagined

COVID-19 Support

Communication, engagement and connection between residents, their families, and community staff is more important than ever right now. 

Available for fully remote deployment and free online training and support provided, K4Community Plus can be launched today while keeping your community safe.

Introducing K4Community Plus

K4Community Plus is not simply an application for residents, rather it is the foundation of the holistic Smart Senior Living Community experience. Building on our first generation application, K4Community Plus establishes a new bar and is quite simply the most social, easy to use, and engaging solution in senior living. K4Community Plus brings the community, communication, content, information and services to the next level all accessible by touch or voice. 

At K4Connect, we do not believe in technology for technology’s sake. It must add value to your life, whether you’re a resident, family member, or the caregiving staff. This is K4Community Plus, the resident and staff experience that senior living needs today, but prepares them for tomorrow. 

K4Community Plus is available for iOS and Android

The Resident Experience


Connectivity is more important now than ever. Our communications capabilities for residents and staff span messaging, phone dialing and even voice-activated features for resident-to-resident connection


Your community is vibrant and dynamic, with K4Community Plus so is your technology. Our groundbreaking Smart Community Feed allows residents and family members to interact with the community in a whole new way. Using smart algorithms the feed brings community news, notices, events, dining and more to a curated live feed allowing for quick, timely and relevant engagement.


Our new friends and family companion app brings news, notices, and information proactively to family and friends. The app also features the only fully integrated and secure video calling feature for families in senior living, allowing loved ones to stay connected and engaged with residents from a distance.


Leveraging the industry’s only true enterprise smart home solution, K4Community Plus enables residents to control their home from their personal devices or Alexa while allowing for personalized settings like automated lighting and temperature.


Voice assistants (Amazon’s Alexa) have changed the way older adults interact with technology. Our enterprise deployment and support enables them to safely and securely access all that voice assistants have to offer while also providing access to enterprise smart home controls, community information and services, as well as the ability to make a call to the front desk or fellow residents.


Residents have their community at their fingertips. From menus and notices to events and interactive directories, stay connected no matter where you are - but it doesn’t stop there. Residents can interact with content including signing up for virtual or in-person events, requesting services, and much more.

The K4Connect Advantage

We are committed to continuing to bridge the digital divide between technology and older adults with value-driven experiences. That is reflected in the way we “do business”, too, because at the end of the day we don’t sell, we serve.

Enterprise Quality & Security

Full enterprise management, deployment and security through our patented FusionOS operating system delivers the ultimate experience for residents, staff and operators.

Technology Expertise

We work at the intersection of senior care and technology. Our teams include more than 45 engineers, quality professionals and technical designers. We design with our end users, we release new and improved capabilities monthly and we refuse to stop innovating.

Free Customer Success & 24/7 Support

We are dedicated to ensuring residents, staff, and family are successful with our solutions. Our world class team of support and education experts are always available directly to residents, their families, and staff. We’ll never charge you a fee to get you the help you need.

Partners, Not Vendors

We recognize the unique needs of senior living communities across care settings and we help you determine what technology strategy is right for you. In the end, digital transformation is a journey not a destination, and our team brings expertise, solutions, and best practices for each step of the journey.

Reach out today to schedule a demo of K4Community Plus for your residents, and learn about all of our senior living solutions.