Speed Your Community’s Progress with K4AdvisorsDecades of experience in senior living across of hundreds of communities, together with a rich background in process and technology, uniquely positions K4Advisors to help as you look to solve market challenges, develop new programs and communities, and capitalize on the newest technologies available.



When You Partner With K4Advisors, you’re in good company!

Backed by 20 years of experience alongside the leaders, teams and residents of over 275 communities, K4Advisors has developed an intricate knowledge of the industry resulting in lasting relationships and trust. Often involved at the most critical times in the most sensitive discussions, the team at K4Advisors has historically helped leaders develop innovative solutions that not only solve the immediate problems, but help build a solid foundation for continued growth and success. Whether a more immediate occupancy or revenue challenge, decisions regarding M&A, applying technology to lower costs and improve efficiencies, or even how to expand into new markets, including the home, K4Advisors is your trusted partner.

Our solutions expand missions and margins across your organization

More Revenue

Increase Margins
Increase Occupancy
Increase Efficiency

More Lives Served

Build New & Expand Communities
Utilize Your Actuarial Capacity
Serve the Underserved

More Data, More Insight

Market, Sales & Consumer Data
Social, Program & Health Data
Actuarial, Contract & Pricing Data

What We Do

When you connect with K4Advisors, a conversation begins. Our focus is to understand your current and future customers, revenue streams, and goals. We work with organizations at their strongest and weakest points and have built an understanding that revenue enhancement is often the first step that allows your team to make a bigger difference in the world.

Revenue Enhancements 

Revenue enhancement embraces all of the complications of starting a new community or program and mitigates impacts on your current customers’ and team’s day to day lives. K4Advisors helps your team sort and prioritize investments to keep ahead of innovation and market changes. We help facilitate and inform your team’s path and add an experienced voice to crafting authentic and compelling communications for all of your constituents. We believe involvement begets success, and include residents and team members alike in the renewal, revitalization and growth of the communities they call home. New agreements, refunds, healthcare coverage, and pricing all impact your choice architecture and provide results to your sales and marketing efforts.


Community Development

Building or expanding communities are defining moments for many organizations and our outside perspective adds speed and clarity. The complicated path of evaluating locations, competitors and traditional market ratios informs the residence mix, agreements, refundabilities, and the levels of care that might be required for market and financial success. Our team brings decades of experience that help determine the best potential paths and partners for your unique situation.


Consultancies with deep expertise in data and technology are better positioned to add value than those solely focused on general strategy, finance, or marketing. There is no longer a need for a separate digital strategy, but rather just strategy for success in a digital world. K4Advisors helps you add more data and efficiency to your current businesses, so you can focus on what comes next. Our access to data on thousands of older residents, combined with our experience, provides clear direction on what to act on now to build a foundation for continued growth. ​Our strategy work is focused on mission, market, and results with deep insights into how technology and disruption will shape communities and services that better older people’s lives. ​


Program Development

Continuing Care at Home Programs (CCaH) and Early Acceptance Programs (EA), enhance reach, deepen relationships, and grow your mission and margin! K4Advisors has worked with three, first in state programs and with over 20% of the CCaH/EA programs in the US. From market and consumer research to actuarial reviews and business, staff and agreement planning, we have seen extraordinary success comes to life. Our team will educate your board and residents about risks and opportunities, work with your team on program design, and communicate and refine the fastest path to sustainable revenue and greater reach.

Our Approach and Leadership

K4Advisors brings leaders, consultants and other strategically experienced people together to form lean teams for your projects. We work with the best partners and coordinate their work for you without the overhead of a conventional management consulting or creative firm. ​

K4Advisors’ President, Perry Aycock, worked on the family farm, in an Emergency Room and after graduating from Davidson College was a caregiver for his mother. After she recovered, he worked as a broker-in-charge for an age-targeted community on the South Carolina coast. He was recruited to work with United Methodist Homes (N.C.) on their Croasdaile Village CCRC start up, and then with Westminster Canterbury Chesapeake Bay on their 164-apartment Life Plan Community expansion in Virginia Beach. ​

He went on to join and later lead Retirement Dynamics to serve over 275 senior living communities, services, and programs over his 14-year tenure there. In 2018, Perry launched K4Advisors, the consulting arm of K4Connect, to connect the best of communities and the best of technologies to the customers’ residences of choice. When not traveling, speaking at conferences, or working with organizations focused on longevity, Perry, his wife, their two children, and their dog live in Chapel Hill, NC.