Mission-driven healthtech
for older adults

Senior Living Success
in Today’s New Normal

Senior living is experiencing a new normal that has created a permanent shift in the future of resident life and caregiving. Technology has emerged as an essential investment to better manage resident challenges and staff workload, but it must be done with the right solutions and strategic partners.

K4Connect is helping senior living communities across the nation leverage the value of enterprise technologies to not only respond to today’s challenges, but attract the next generation of residents and caregivers for years to come.


stay informed, engaged, and connected


are connected to the community and their loved ones


are more supported, in-sync and efficient


confidently realize the ROI of technology

Introducing K4Community

K4Community is an ecosystem of value-driven technology tools and experiences designed for senior living. Powered by FusionOS, the first and only operating system in senior living and developed by K4Connect, communities benefit from a fully integrated enterprise technology system. Just like the operating system on your personal smartphone, FusionOS brings all of your apps, tools, and services under one roof, making it easier to manage and enabling communities to truly harness the power of community-wide data.

FusionOS is what sets our community partners apart by bringing the value of the enterprise to every community we partner with.

Team Hub

Team Hub is the centralized community team tool that staff use to manage K4Community.

K4Community Plus App

K4Community Resident Check-In

K4Community Voice

K4Community Direct Broadcast

K4Community Smart Home

K4Community Digital Signage

resident using amazon alexa

Bringing Voice to Older Adults Everywhere

K4Connect was among the first to pioneer voice technology skills and features for older adults as part of Amazon’s Early Adopter Program. Our enterprise Amazon Alexa integration is currently helping thousands of residents across the nation get the most out of voice experiences.

Peace of Mind with Resident Check-In

Unlike anything else available in senior living today, our award-winning automated K4Community Resident Check-In tool is what residents want and what community staff need. Deliver an experience that keeps residents safe while honoring their dignity and independence.


Your Key to Unlocking Purposeful, Integrated, and Scalable Technology

FusionOS enables senior living communities to overcome some of the biggest challenges that COVID-19 has brought upon the industry, while unlocking a future of nearly endless innovation possibilities. We integrate with the best software and hardware partners available, and we work with them to deliver on the promise of technology for senior living. Follow below to learn more about the value this operating system can bring to your community today.

Integrating the Best in Technology

K4Connect proudly serves thousands of senior living residents and staff at continuing care, independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities across the nation.

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