Top Performing Communities Choose K4CommunityK4Community brings the future of senior living technology to residents, family and team members, enabling smarter communities, enhanced wellness, and empowered engagement and socialization.

When You Partner With K4Community, You’re In Good Company

Great For Communities, Great for Residents

The K4Community solution set provides value across your entire senior living community. These are just some of the results your community could see!

Energy & Utility Savings


cost savings

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Facilities Savings


per resident, per month

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Reduce Staff Rework


Time Gained

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How K4Community Works

When you decide to purchase K4Community, you are provided with help and support through every step. Our process is streamlined to provide the very best service to all of our customers.

Operators – Unlock the power of the platform by providing your communities with streamlined operations and advanced analytics. With K4Community you gain access to the industry’s most advanced open and extensible technology platform creating amazing value today and into the future.

Communities – We’ve developed tools to make it easy for you to manage communications, services, content, and resident engagement. The power of the platform provides end to end tools which streamline workflows and allow you to focus on what is most important: resident engagement.

Residents – With K4Community, the lives of your residents will truly become simpler, healthier and happier. Unlock the power of the latest smart home, connected wellness and social engagement technologies. We believe tech should be designed and accessible for all generations!

Families – Keeping family engaged and aware is key to attracting and keeping residents. With K4Community family members get their own branded app, allowing them to stay plugged into the community and in close connection with their loved ones.

One Product For All Your Needs

Home & Building Automation

The future of smart home technology has arrived.

Imagine a technology that saves your staff time while dramatically improving the happiness of residents. What if teams could automate morning check in by simply checking a dashboard? What if residents could set their preferred temperature with no calls to the front desk. All of this is possible with K4Community’s suite of smart home automation products designed specifically for senior living.



Health & Wellness Solutions

Support resident health with the help of technology.

Connected wellness is here! K4Community brings these innovations to those who can benefit most – your residents and wellness teams. Through partnerships with cutting edge companies like Garmin, we can enable residents to track their progress against their goals while providing wellness directors with the data they need to help residents flourish within the community.

Communication & Engagement

Help residents rediscover life’s most important relationships

As we age, relationships with loved ones become even more important. But when family and friends don't live close by, technology can help you keep in touch. Our solution, designed for older adults, allows residents to easily catch up with friends, family and their community. Teams benefit from streamlined processes for sharing updates on activities and events, creating a more engaged environment.


Open Service Integrations

If you use it, we can integrate with it.

There are no boundaries to the services and products we can integrate with. Our open, modular platform allows for a never-ending amount of possibilities to help streamline your operational processes into one easy to use system for all staff. From culinary to building maintenance and POS systems, our product is built for continual evolution.



New! Content Management Redefined

K4Connect’s newest add-on module revolutionizes the way communities communicate with residents (current and future) and family members. The new Content and Digital Signage Module (CMM) brings a next generation approach to creation, management and publishing of announcements, calendars, menus, and more. Gone are the days of using multiple software products to create and publish. Our new solution provides a powerful template-based creator tool, a full content management system which encourage team workflows, and a flexible publishing engine enabling multiple destinations including print, smart devices and even digital signage and in-room TV. From community TVs to individual tablets and cell phones, our distribution platform provides professional looking content across your community while streamlining the creation process.