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K4Community Plus

The Resident Experience, Reimagined

Powering Smart Senior Living Communities

K4Community is the most advanced enterprise technology solution in senior living. Built specifically for residents, staff and operators, the solution provides smart products and features across Home, Wellness, and Engagement for residents, and Productivity, Building, and Insight for the staff and operators.

K4Community enables any community to transform into a Smart Senior Living Community, creating Simpler, Healthier and Happier lives for all.


Smart Home innovations that create a fully responsive environment that residents love. Features like smart lighting and thermostats allow residents to effortlessly control their home setting whether through App, Remote, or Voice with our enterprise Amazon Alexa integration.


Leveraging data and smart devices that empower residents to take an active role in their health, while providing staff visibility needed to provide the best in hospitality and care. In addition to activities like tracking steps and sleep hours, we can correlate those inputs to potential emotional insights such as event attendance and resident satisfaction.


Residents can be more than just informed, they can be engaged with activities, services, and everyone in their community. Our engagement features like digital signage, in-home TV and a plethora of communication vehicles including voice-activated messaging keep staff, residents and their families connected.


Productivity tools allow staff to work more efficiently, giving them more time back in their day to spend on the care of residents. At the same time, the overall health of the business is improved with streamlined, intuitive features for content, events and communications.


With Building Management, operators and residents benefit from smarter buildings. Monitoring tools provide valuable insights into facilities operations, surfacing backend data to our team that analyzes and delivers reporting that help operators improve overall business health and ultimately deliver great experiences for residents.


Collecting community-wide data to deliver actionable insights for staff and operators, while allowing residents to maintain their independence via passive monitoring. Features like Resident Check-In provide data to staff through existing Smart Home hardware (thermostats, lighting, voice) without needing to interrupt resident life.


K4Community is powered by FusionOS, the Operating System for where you live.

Technology is part of most of our daily lives, yet has long been out-of-reach for senior living communities due to disparate products, siloed data and a lack of enterprise architecture. FusionOS solves this by bringing together the best in technology into a single enterprise-managed system. The industry’s first and only Operating System developed by K4Connect, FusionOS serves as the foundation of K4Community with the flexibility to expand as community needs evolve.

  • A multimodal software operating system providing a secure, reliable and extensible architecture
  • Supports our enterprise-level voice solution
  • Open integration with any type of technology, application, interface or communications protocol
  • Enterprise Data Visibility delivering real-time and trending data insights to operators and staff