Senior living’s most advanced technology ecosystem, designed with and for older adults

Powering Smart Senior Living Communities Today,
For Tomorrow

K4Community is the leading senior living technology solution for residents, their families, staff and community operators alike. When done right, technology has the power to transform daily life for older adults and that is exactly K4Community does – provides value-driven experiences that create Simpler, Healthier and Happier lives for all. 

Our core technology solutions are called “modules”, meaning you can build upon them to customize the right technology set specific to your community needs. We know every community is unique and with K4Community, your technology offerings reflect that, too.

Built On FusionOS

Your Key to Unlocking Purposeful, Integrated, and Scalable Technology

Senior living communities need technology that provides constant value, not another thing to manage. K4Connect takes the guesswork out of technology and relieves staff of the burden that often comes with managing multiple tools and systems.

We do this through FusionOS, the first and only operating system in senior living. Created by the technology experts at K4Connect, FusionOS brings all of a community’s technology products and services into one single system. Communities save time and resources, and most importantly, have a comprehensive data-driven view of community operations and resident insights. This operating system also provides communities with the flexibility to add or drop technologies as needs evolve over time – whether that’s today, tomorrow, or even years into the future.

FusionOS brings endless possibilities to any community’s technology journey.

Team hub

Team Hub is the centralized, web-based management tool that staff use to manage all K4Community solutions. From content and communications to data reporting and Resident Check-In, Team Hub has everything your team needs is in one place.

Home Hub powers K4Community Smart Home. The device is installed in each residence and connects all of your devices on a powerful and secure platform. The Home Hub ensures security for residents, while passively providing valuable data to staff teams.

Enterprise Value

Unmatched Security and Privacy

Community-Wide Data Reporting

No IT Burden – Managed by K4Connect

Free, 24/7 Support

Integrating the Best In Technology

FusionOS unlocks endless possibilities for product, services, and systems integrations. See our current preferred integration partners, below.

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