We are constantly improving our technology, K4Community, and our Members are a big part of that

By: The K4Connect Product Team

As a mission-centered company, serving our customers and members in the best way possible is always our top priority. There are a number of ways we ensure that holds true throughout our organization, including how we develop and enhance our core solution, K4Community. One of the ways we do this is with first-hand feedback through our K4Connect Product Design Program.

This process ensures that K4Community, our flagship technology solution designed for senior living communities, remains relevant, useful and essential to our core users/customers. Through a variety of avenues, we’re reaching out to our customers to demo functionality under development, test upgrades to existing features or even Beta test new features queued for release. This could be a cadence of conference calls, surveys, polls or usability tests, or even busing a group of residents to our office for lunch and discussion with our engineers. 

“At K4Connect we use cutting edge technologies and processes used by Silicon Valley companies and apply them to make sure we have the best user experience in senior living technology. The Product Design Program plays an integral role in this by ensuring feedback comes directly from our users,” said K4Connect Director of Product, Malaika Paquiot.

So, who participates in this type of program? Our participants span senior living community staff who are using K4Community daily, or will be soon, often including:

As one of our “super-users” Susan Drury-Rohner, Wellness Director of The Cardinal at North Hills, a Kisco Senior Living community, in Raleigh NC said of the program, “I have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to provide product input over the past year-and-half. As a result, the product has truly grown into something that I feel good about promoting throughout our community and using on a regular basis. I especially value the RSVP system, the ability to print lists, track attendance by program and hopefully enjoy additional resident engagement features we’re excited about. The digital signage has also turned out to be quite user-friendly.”

The feedback we collect is instrumental to the development of K4Community, because the more you value it, the better we can make it!  

Interested in learning more about the K4Connect Product Design Program? Reach out to us, here.