“There will be a short window this summer to re-examine your digital infrastructure and technology tools before another round of COVID-19 returns.”

By: Cindy Phillips | Managing Partner, K4Advisors

May 26, 2020

A colleague recently said to me, “COVID hasn’t change the world, it has accelerated it.” At first I wanted to argue, but the more I thought about it, so much of what we are witnessing is the normalization of technologies that were once used only by a minority.

“Changes that I thought
would take years have occurred
in a matter of weeks.” Bob Kramer,
Founder of NIC, in a recent SLIF interview.

I am not downplaying the significant (hopefully temporary) changes to our daily life, but what is remarkable is the accelerated use and adoption of technology around the world, by all age groups and across all industries. We have seen it in the way we work, consume entertainment, deliver education, participate in faith-based activities, provide healthcare, and talk to our friends and family.

In just 3 (long) months, so much is different, and yet so much remains the same. In October 2019 K4Connect introduced its model of Digital Transformation in senior living and how we help communities on the aspirational journey to become a Smart Senior Living Community.

Little did I know COVID-19 would soon appear and be the unwelcomed reminder of the importance of technology and basic digital infrastructure. Now, several steps of that journey are critical to navigating these uncertainties and being a COVID-ready community.

Right now, senior living community leaders are appropriately focused on the protection of their residents and staff, trying to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements, planning for the careful lifting of restrictions on dining, wellness and activities, all while also working to re-start the move-in process. However, while doing this, many will recognize the need for strengthening their Wi-fi networks, improving communication channels, setting up YouTube for streaming content, and better preparing staff to engage residents using technology.

At K4Connect, we continue to believe senior living has reached a crossroad with technology and innovation. Our recent experience has only cemented that belief. We have increased the velocity of our own product development and leap-frogged to items in our longer-term product roadmap – all to meet the COVID-ready needs of our customers.

I am suggesting senior living operators need to be doing the same. There will be a short window this summer to re-examine your digital infrastructure and technology tools before another round of COVID-19 returns. Whatever gaps emerge, this is the time to address them.

If you need help, K4Connect has several resident-centered technologies that solve many of these challenges, and K4Advisors can share the best ways to integrate them into your current workflow. As always, you can reach me at Cindy.Phillips@K4Advisors.com, or (910) 477-1556. Keep doing good work!