Our Commitment to Those We Serve

At K4Connect, our mission, in fact, the very reason for our founding, is to serve older adults, including the residents of senior living communities.  That has never been as important as right now as the world faces up to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 virus.  Yet, even at its best technology can only serve as a way to help and augment the heroes on the front lines, the staff of all our customers. To that end, we have already been working closely with our community partners to accelerate community-wide communications, increase resident accessibility to the latest information, build communications to family members and implement monitoring solutions for the communities with Smart Home technologies. 

Starting last Friday, we began publishing a weekly “COVID-911” Bulletin focused specifically on how technology can be used to help serve residents, improve communications and reduce stress on team members.  We will continue to publish the Bulletin weekly to our customers. Moreover, we have added a COVID-911 section to the K4Community Support Center that is available to all our customers that includes actionable how-to guides and information about each of the items in the Bulletin, as well as best practices employed across other communities that are leveraging technology in these trying times. 

Yet, we are not stopping there. Several days ago, we began to pivot our development efforts specific to capabilities that our customers could deploy and leverage during this crisis. For example, for those already using our Amazon Alexa voice capabilities, we have added a direct hotline for residents to ask for the latest update via a pre-recorded voice message from the community. In the end, the focus of these capabilities is to help residents and families stay informed, and safe, while allowing staff to focus on other important issues in the community.  Additional voice, application and other new capabilities will be introduced soon and shared in future bulletins. 

Last, one service we have always offered is our “Virtual Staff” feature. If community residents or staff have a question, they can simply call us – directly and (as always) at no cost. Our K4Connect Advocates are now directly staffing our support line 7 days per week from 7 am to 9 pm ET, with continued live answer support 24-7.

In the end, we are here to serve. I can tell you the entire K4Connect team is working tirelessly along-side the heroes on the front lines to serve those most vulnerable. 

It is our mission.  It is the reason we exist. 

In Service, With You…

F. Scott Moody, CEO & Co-Founder K4Connect