Our Story

In the beginning, we were all about technology. We used to talk about being a “systems integration company connecting any number of disparate devices, systems and applications into a single cohesive system” and how we were going to do that in “your home, office or anywhere-in-between.” It was all about what people sometimes call the “smart home” or the “internet of things”, although the hype did not always prove true. Honestly, we were inventing some pretty neat stuff, making the hype a reality, but we had no idea how powerful the idea, and our technology, could be until our CEO met Eric, an individual living with the challenges of MS, who told him,

“…you guys can make my life better.”

It was with those words that it became clear that we found our purpose, that the technologies we were developing could solve real and significant problems for an underserved part of our worldwide community.

From that day forward, our mission at K4Connect has been to create solutions that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, enhancing their lives by integrating the latest in smart technologies into a single responsive system.

Bottom line – we believe technology should be purposeful, person-centric and harmonious.

Our Leadership

Scott Moody

Scott Moody

CEO | Co-Founder

“I felt called to start another company on a trip to Rwanda, but it was only when I met Eric that I knew why. For me, its all about making a difference in people’s lives.”

Jonathan Gould

Jonathan Gould

CTO | Co-Founder

“I want to change how this stuff works, because I spent twelve years in people’s basements trying to make home automation products do everything the customer was promised.”

Derek Holt

Derek Holt


“Technology alone will not solve problems. It’s when technology intersects with real world challenges that we create the most impactful solutions.”

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