Rapidly expanding user base, growing team, scaling impact….it’s time for a new blog!


By Derek Holt, President, K4Connect. Having founded the company in 2013, it was only two years later that we realized that the cutting edge open integration software platform (the K4LifePlatform) we had been developing for smart devices and services could change the lives of the 1.5 billion older adults and individuals living with disabilities across the globe. The fact is that such a platform (now backed by multiple patents) integrating smart home, connected wellness and social engagement capabilities into a single integrated solution could find application across many different end markets. In many of these markets, smart technologies were more of a convenience, sometimes even a novelty, than a value add.  Yet, for those we serve, we saw the unique opportunity to cross the chasm from “novelty to utility” or from “nice to have to must have” by focusing our technology, energy and passion on this generally underserved market, often considered as an afterthought in the digital revolution over the past few decades. At K4Connect, we believe technology should not be built just for the next generation, rather it has the potential to empower every generation!

With this focus, in 2016 we initiated pilots for our first product – K4Community, specifically designed for older adults, and those that serve them, living in senior living communities – and introduced it early in 2017.  Since then, we have been growing rapidly, including doubling our team over and over again, now with more than 40 Advocates (our term for “employees” since everyone’s job at K4Connect is to advocate for our end users), and most importantly – we are now serving thousands of older adults across dozens of senior living communities in more than 10 states.  While we are just getting started, we have learned a great deal along the way (both organically and by hiring great thought leaders from the elder care industry into our team).

That all brings us today. After nearly three years in the industry, we continue to work to deliver on our vision for the future of senior technology, but along the way, we realized we have a lot to share. From our cutting-edge developments in software integration technologies, as well as thousands of hours of testing and insights into older adult user interface experience, we have quickly decided it is time to share our insights to continue to do our part in moving the industry forward. With that, I am extremely excited to announce the launch of the K4Blog here at K4Connect.com. Our goal with the blog is a simple one: become a valuable resource of information and ideas on technologies, trends and innovations for older adults and those that serve them.

We will be publishing new blogs weekly and have a long list of great thought provoking pieces already queued up, including posts from our Design, Product, Customer Success, IoT Engineering, Development, Test and Marketing teams. I would encourage everyone to bookmark this page, sign up for our newsletter, be sure to follow us on social media (@K4Connect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and provide feedback as we go.

We can’t wait to hear from you!