By Shannon Smith – Creating technology requires thinking.  Creating good technology that serves a purpose takes thinking with both your mind and your heart.
If you quickly think of your grandparents, it may be easy to believe that they are people that are averse to technology.  You may see how they refrain from today’s tech trends and think they just do not like tech.
Then, if you think about it a little more and ponder all that they have seen in their lives, you may come to believe differently.  My colleague Kim wrote a great piece recently about all the technology centenarians have witnessed and adapted to.
I have written before about how we try to have our development teams apply empathy to the problems they are solving, allowing them to better serve our members.  Last week, I got the opportunity to share that message with a broader audience at RTP:180 about how I believe that we all need to apply more heart to our smart technology.
You can watch the full video of my talk below. I hope you find it inspiring, and start to better understand how the generation that notoriously “doesn’t like tech” actually has adapted to many changes throughout their lives.

You can also check out the video of the full event, including Q&As, here.