K4Connect’s Jonathan Gould shares his thoughts with GearBrain on the importance of new technology, particularly for seniors, and why products that don’t solve needs are destined for the clearance bin.

Jonathan Gould, CTO and co-founder of K4Connect, is mission-focused on building tech solution with an eye for older adults and those living with disabilities. The company streamlines tech products and services, making solutions that are designed specifically for this user group: Think interfaces that link to smart home products and are built on simple to use tablets—rather than smaller smartphones, plus tools that let you connect to devices plus family members as well.

We caught up with Gould to ask why tools thought to be perfect for seniors and those with certain kinds of disabilities would work well, but don’t, as well as where he sees the future of smart home gadgets. (Hint: If your latest device doesn’t fill a need, it may just be an expensive paperweight.) Gould believes technology that’s well-designed can not only serve seniors and those living with disabilities, but also improve and empowering their lives.

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