Senior Housing Forum: Will Self-Driving Cars Undermine Senior Living while helping Seniors’ Mobility?

Author: Steve Moran

A couple of days ago I read this article GM, Lyft bringing self-driving cabs to Austin. It turns out the headline is a bit optimistic.  They don’t actually have a plan or a timetable, but the car companies like downtown Austin because it is a relatively small area and has a 30 mph speed limit.

It seems inevitable that self-driving cars are on the way. It is almost certain that if we all instantly could ride in self-driving cars, the roads would be much safer and think of how much more productive commuters would be.  They also hold great promise for seniors.

Help or Hurt Senior Living: Losing the ability to drive is a big motivator for moving into a senior living community. Shopping for food, mostly becomes a thing of the past. The community has transportation for other errands and for excursions. In my own life, I am thinking my mother and her husband should move into senior living. He still works and so she is stuck at home since she lost her license a few months ago. That loss of being able to drive has been devastating to her mental health. The only reason for her to move really would be…