The Top 3 Daily Reads for Senior News:

U.S News & World Report – Health: Ageism, Attitude and Health 


Accomplished, enlightened, learned, sage and wise? Or confused, decrepit, incompetent and declining? The language used to describe aging, the way people talk to and about seniors, matters. Ageism can hurt your health, research shows. Shedding negative stereotypes and embracing positive attitudes now can help make life better as you get older.


The Radical Age Movement: The Last Acceptable Prejudice in America

Author: Alice Fisher

Ageism might be more accurately described as the ‘least acceptable prejudice in America’.  Why?  When a person uses ageist language, he is expressing prejudice against himself.  Age, after all, is a goal we aspire to; it is a goal, if we are fortunate, that we will achieve.  And, yet, in our youth focused and youth obsessed society, the message we get is more like “be careful what you wish for.”


Today – Health and Wellness: 5 Things We Almost Always Get Wrong About Aging 

Author: Brian Alexander


Aging happens. Eventually it catches up with all of us. How soon it does can depend on genes, social life, economics, and a dozen other factors.

But there are plenty of things we get wrong about aging: that we are doomed to becoming crotchety, grumpy, sexless incompetents. Science has dispelled a number of these, including the biggest myth of all: that we have no say in how well we age.