Resident Overview
K4Community starts with you, the resident, making it easier to manage your home, keep up with your own health, stay engaged with your community and communicate with family and friends, no matter where they live.
Independent Life

Home automation products, helping make life’s daily activities simpler while reducing falls and improving safety.

Active Life

Helping manage your health by providing insights on activity, medication plans, and even connecting to health products (from pedometers to scales).

Connected Life

Engaging with family, friends and your community (video, photos, messaging, events), enabling you to stay socially active and connected.

How it Works

K4Community is made up of everyday products, from light switches to thermostats, that all work together, responding to your personal needs and desires. Frankly, all of these are just newer versions of familiar products, now connected and responsive to your needs and desires via a very simple and easy-to-use tablet, custom tailored to your preferences.

Just check out some of the illustrations below for some step-by-step overviews of how K4Community can make your life simpler, healthier, and happier.

How it Works
K4Community Starter Package:
Control your Apartment with Ease

K4Community starts with convenience and safety. By integrating “smart” thermostats and light switches, along with our custom user-centric tablet application, you can control your living environment all while saving energy. You can even use the tablet as your TV Remote with easy to read, illuminated buttons.


Stay Connected With Loved Ones

From Photos to Video Chat, staying in touch with family and friends has never been easier. Family members and friends receive a complimentary companion app (iOS/Android) that makes sure they are just a tap away.


Stay Informed, Stay Engaged

Today’s Senior Living Communities have endless programs, trips, and classes, and with K4Community you’ll have access to all community information right in the comfort of your apartment. From dining menus to community activity calendars and announcements, K4Community makes sure you’re always informed and engaged.


Track Your Fitness

Health and fitness are important parts of everyday life, but too often it can be a lot of work keeping track of your progress. K4Community integrates today’s latest fitness trackers along with in apartment activity to give residents a simple and fun way to track progress and goals.


Automation Sensors

Leveraging the latest smart devices, sensors and your preferences, K4Community turns your apartment into a “responsive home”.   Temperatures and lights adjust automatically and your environment changes to create a comfortable, safe and automated residence.


The Simple, Yet Powerful K4Box

The K4Box is the brain behind K4Community. This simple, elegantly-designed box makes K4Community possible. The K4Box is also extensible, allowing future “smart devices” and features to be added.

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