All kinds of new products and technologies are coming to market every day with the idea of making life more convenient or work more efficient. But then you find out none of them work together and soon you’re spending more time managing technology than benefiting from its use.
…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We make your technology responsive to your needs.

The First K4 Solutions:

A solution available now for both residents and operators of senior living communities.

A home and wellness solution planned for individuals to help them lead more independent lives.

K4Connect is a systems integration company connecting any number of disparate devices, systems and applications into a single cohesive system – whether in your home, office, or anywhere in-between. Yet we had no idea how powerful this idea could be until we had a coffee with a person living with the challenges of MS:
“…you guys can make my life better.”
With those words, it was clear we had found our purpose, and that what we were developing could solve real and significant problems for an underserved part of our worldwide community.
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Transforming the Internet of Things into the Internet of You™
You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing a commercial advertising the capability to turn off your lights from your office. It’s a nice story to tell, this so-called “Internet of “Things” idea of wirelessly connected products all working together making things more convenient. Yet in reality, very few of these “things” actually work together, so you end up finding yourself spending more time trying to control the very stuff that was supposed to make your life easier.
Making something easy to do is often very hard, and that is why we created K4Platform.
Scott Moody

Scott Moody


“It’s all about making a difference in people’s lives.”

Scott previously co-founded, and was the CEO of AuthenTec, which was acquired by Apple in 2012 (the only public company ever acquired by Apple). You now know their products as the Touch ID featured on the latest iPhones and iPads, and the foundation of the revolutionary Apple Pay. It is that same focus on the consumer, on making their lives better, that forms the foundation of K4Connect.

Jonathan Gould

Jonathan Gould


“I want to change how this stuff works, because I spent twelve years in people’s basements trying to make home automation products do everything the customer was promised.”

Jonathan gained that experience crawling around basements as the founder of his own AV company that grew to be one of the largest in the Triangle NC region. He also served as the CTO for a software development company whose clients included some of the largest players in the home automation market.

Derek Holt

Derek Holt


“Technology alone will not solve problems.  It’s when technology intersects with real world challenges that we create the most impactful solutions.”

After a 10 year career at IBM in both technical and business roles, Derek jumped into the startup world in 2011. Working with some of America’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and the White House, he was part of the founding team of Startup America Partnership. Most recently Derek was the Head of Growth and part of the founding team at Main Street Genome, a venture backed DC startup.

Ian Sanders

Ian Sanders

Business Dev

“Millions of lives can be transformed for a few hundred dollars, so let’s talk less about gadgets and more about people.”

Ian has extensive experience in both the startup world and the healthcare industry, having helped found several startups including one of the largest in custom assistive technologies. Bridging the gap between technology and customers, that is what Ian does best.

David Weiss

David Weiss


“One can create simple and easy quite readily, but to make simple, easy, and good – that is the real challenge.”

David comes to K4Connect from the luxury yacht world, having helped design some of the most beautiful yachts sailing the seven seas. Well versed in making technology work “quietly in the background”, David is now working to make that happen for everyone else.

“Our mission is to leverage technology to help make people’s lives better.”