In 2012, “biometric authentication” sounded like science fiction — scan your fingerprint into a mobile phone to unlock it and access your digital wallet.

An entrepreneur named Scott Moody helped take biometrics mainstream. He sold his first company, AuthenTec, to Apple in 2012, enabling features like Touch ID and Apple Pay in iOS devices.

Now Moody is working to ensure that seniors won’t be left behind as new technologies take over the home, whether its smart devices or on-demand apps. His new company, K4Connect, brings the latest tech to senior communities, and makes it all easy to operate without the need for expensive IT teams.

“There’s a joke that San Francisco is the premiere assisted living community for millennials,” Moody said, in an interview. “You can sit there and have everything brought to you that you ever may need. We integrate technologies that have been targeted toward a younger demographic and make them work for older adults and people living with disabilities. We’re integrating the best in technology to improve their lives.”

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