The Top 3 Daily Reads for Senior News:


Senior Housing News: Top 5 Design Elements to Make Senior Living Homelike

Author : 

These days, older adults looking into moving to a senior living community have their eyes on many aspects of their lifestyle beyond care. The look and feel of a community can influence a person’s decision to move into a community just as much, if not more, than the services and care offerings available. 


The Huffington Post: When Winter Becomes Solitary Confinement

Author: Eric J. Hall

The short days and long cold nights of winter can have a negative effect on people who already feel lonely and isolated. Often these are older people who are physically challenged and fearful of weather conditions that can pose a danger, such as falling on ice or getting pneumonia. The number of people living alone has increased from 5 percent in the 1920s to 27 percent in 2013, and this percentage is much larger in big cities, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.


NPR: Forgot Something Again? It’s Probably Just Normal Aging

Author: Patti Neighmond

Losing your ability to think and remember is pretty scary. We know the risk of dementia increases with age. But if you have memory lapses, you probably needn’t worry. There are pretty clear differences between signs of dementia and age-related memory loss.