The Top 3 Daily Reads for Senior News:

Rock Health: The Future of Personalized Healthcare: Predictive Analytics

Author: Teresa Wang & Malay Gandhi

We distinctly remember the moment that scientists claimed victory against all nature of future disease after the human genome had successfully been decoded. However, over the ensuing decade-plus, it has become clear that our health is not quite that deterministic. Clinicians must weigh not just a string of nucleotides when making decisions about our care, but must also incorporate a growing set of health data that is generated and controlled by patients. Incorporating this data into health care to enable better decisions is at the heart of this report. The benefits of using predictive analytics are the same as many categories of digital health: better care and lower costs. The difference is that the path to realizing these benefits—through personalized care—is only possible by implementing these technologies…

Forbes: One Absolute Must For Everyone Who Has An Aging Parent With Memory Problems

Author: Carolyn Rosenblatt

The call came from “David” who explained that his mother can’t remember anything anymore.  He had what he thought was a quick question.  When anyone with an aging parent who can’t remember anything says he has a “quick question” I am sure it won’t be quick.  What was the easiest way to get a Power of Attorney for her, he wanted to know.

The way David described his mother, it might be too late for a Power of Attorney.  And I hope you’re more proactive than David.  He thought he was really smart in rushing out to get the document now because his mother could still recognize him, having dementia. Wrong. That’s being reactive with dementia. That’s not YOU of course…

Huffington Post: Falling in Love With the Elderly and Rediscovering Our Purpose

Author: Tajci Cameron

What does waking up to the life we are created to live have to do with falling in love with the elderly?On first thought, not so much. On second, everything.Over the past year or so, many new business and life coaches have emerged in response to the global economic crisis and the need to create more opportunities. They engage us with inspirational success stories and provide us with tools to awaken, reconnect with our dreams and build our own thriving lives.

Like Marie Forleo and Brendon Burchard, they are young, radiant, good-looking, successful and powerful. Their energy is contagious, and they are great at articulating what we all want: to live a life that matters in line with what we see as our purpose…