By Mike Althoff, Director of Customer and Member Success, K4Connect – When I am asked what it is my teams do at K4Connect, I often feel presented with an opportunity to shift the questioner’s paradigm.  The familiar answer would be “my teams provide customer service and account management for our senior living community customers.”  The paradigm-shifting answer is that “I lead a team of Advocates who are wholly dedicated to making the lives of seniors and those living with disabilities simpler, healthier, and happier in any way we can.

While the first answer provides the questioner with familiar points of reference – customer service, account management, senior living communities – it is the familiarity of those phrases that troubles me.  Yes, our team answers phones, troubleshoots problems, and proactively pushes to make our product work best for the customers who have purchased it.  BUT, that is not what we believe we ‘do.’  We believe we partner with senior living communities’ staffs to improve the lives of those we serve.  We do this by ensuring our technology provides a positive experience and where there is confusion, frustration, or opportunities for providing a ‘magical’ experience – we go the extra mile, always, hands down.

But before I go any further, let me explain a few terms we use here at K4Connect, because language matters.

Members are the residents of the senior living communities with whom we partner.  We call them members because we believe the commitment and opportunity to serve them far extends their ‘residency’ in their current community.  They’re a fold into our family – a member of the greater K4Community.

Customers are our senior living community partners who have implemented K4Community.  We strive to support and partner with the associates, staff members, and managers at these communities so that our Members’ lives are better than they would be without us.

Success is the state of not just doing something, but doing it well.  We don’t believe it is good enough to only provide reactive support, but by seeking Customers and Members’ success we support them AND proactively work to do more, better each day.

Advocates are team members at K4Connect who, although we might each have come to the mission of K4Connect differently, we are all dedicated to “creating solutions that empower older adults and people living with disabilities, and those that support them.”

Putting these words together, then:

The Advocates on the Member and Customer Success Teams strive each day to empower our Members and partner with our Customers to improve the lives of those that we all serve.

You might ask, if everyone is an Advocate, what exactly is the role of the Customer and Member Success Team? 

Member Success Specialists are working to ensure the Members, their friends and family, and community associates are successfully able to use the features of K4Community. This includes not only providing reactive technological and educational support, but also proactively addressing issues and seeking opportunities to create amazing experiences through K4Community.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times a Member Success Specialist has started a conversation with a Member who was confused, upset, and/or frustrated, often with themselves – and within minutes of the conversation starting, our advocates have learned about that Member’s weekend plans, the first names of their children, addressed the issue that originally prompted the call, and ended the conversation laughing and wishing the Member a great day.  My favorite thing to hear is when an Advocate on our team says, “Ah! I love working with our Members.  They are so wonderful.”  The fact is, we love our Members. We love them not because they pay the bills, but because they are people with stories, with perspectives, with value.

Our Customer Success Managers focus holistically on a community’s implementation of K4Community. This includes providing training on managing K4Community at installation and on an ongoing basis as the product changes, or positions within the community change.  Additionally, our Customer Success team provides data and analysis to community executives and managers, so they have a sense of the benefit their residents are receiving from K4Community, particularly helping them to implement best practices.

The combination of these two Success Teams enables us to focus comprehensively on ensuring our technology is making for a simpler, healthier, and happier life for all of those we serve.

So, what is it that I do? “I work with a team of Advocates who are wholly dedicated to making the lives of our Members simpler, healthier, and happier in any way we can.” 

At the end of the day, our customer’s well-being is the most important thing for all of us here at K4Connect. I hope you’ll continue reading the K4Blog for more insights on how our mission drives every aspect of what we do.