In talking about a connected world, one group is often left out of the conversation: seniors. However, connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions can empower senior citizens by making everyday tasks easier, by helping doctors, caregivers, and seniors themselves keep better track of health parameters, and by enriching seniors’ lives through connectivity. Several Spring Arbor Senior Living,, communities run by HHHunt,, are leveraging the IoT to do all of this and more.

Five Spring Arbor communities in Raleigh, Apex, Greenville, and Greensboro, N.C., and Severna Park, Md., are giving hundreds of residents access to smarter, more connected lives thanks to tablet computers and K4Community, a connected-life platform from K4Connect,, a product and solution provider focused on developing solutions for older adults and individuals living with disabilities. The K4Connect platform combines the latest in smart-home technologies and engagement applications into a single, easy-to-use interface.

Scott Moody, CEO of K4Connect, says the company aims to help end users live simpler, healthier, and happier lives. K4Community was designed specifically for the senior living industry. “For residents, K4Community is a differentiated amenity helping them live more independent, active, and purposeful lives,” Moody says. “At the same time, K4Community provides community operators with an integrated management and analytics tool necessary to provide the best in care, hospitality, and operational effectiveness.”

With the successful implementation of K4Community, Spring Arbor residents are able to use smart home automation, connected wellness, and social engagement tools. For instance, the solution integrates responsive home automation, such as lights being turned on automatically based on activity and temperatures adjusting to optimize energy consumption and maximize occupant comfort. It also integrates wellness capabilities, such as step tracking, sleep tracking, pill reminders, and more. Further, Moody says the platform can dramatically enhance communication and engagement for residents, including connectivity with family and friends through video chat, voice calling, messaging, and photo sharing, and connectivity with the community by facilitating event signups and calendars, providing local news, and more.

“K4Community removes the barriers for technology adoption across various dimensions,” Moody explains. “First, we deploy senior-centric user experience design principles blending utility and usability. Additionally, leveraging our open integration platform, we ensure devices and services seamlessly work together to create an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use solution. K4Community also removes traditional IT and support challenges by hosting, monitoring, and providing direct support to ensure great experiences.”

The solution also includes content management, facilities management, and resident activity management capabilities for staff members, helping them deliver great experiences while reducing workflows. At the end of the day, the value proposition is huge. The solution not only improves the lives of residents but also provides a broad and measurable ROI (return on investment) for each adopting community. HHHunt says it plans to implement the K4Community solution in additional existing communities and integrate it into future communities.

Challenge: Help seniors in senior living communities live healthier, more connected lives.

Risk: Not all senior citizen residents may be willing to learn how to use new devices and technology.

Solution: Five Spring Arbor Senior Living communities adopted K4Community, a built-for-seniors solution that enables temperature and light control, wellness monitoring, community engagement, and more.

Payoff: Adopting communities are more competitive, experience increased resident satisfaction, improve energy and utilities management, and reduce administrative costs.