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The team at K4Connect believes that technology should not be just for the next generation, but for every generation. As we explore current and future innovations and opportunities in senior technology, our Design, Product, Customer and Member Success, IoT Engineering, Development, Test and Marketing teams will be sharing their insights in this blog. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Tools of the Trade: Designing for Senior Success

By Khoa Pham, Creative Director, K4Connect. The process for designing for older adults is much like designing for any other audience. You begin with research and guidance, gather user data, synthesize and interpret the data, prototype, test, reevaluate and iterate on...

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DSL For Senior Living

By Jonathan Gould, Co-Founder and CTO, K4Connect. As senior living operators work through the challenges of deploying campus wide WiFi to residents, while also providing connectivity for their enterprise applications, an important question should come up – do you...

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Open Integration: The Coming Senior Living Revolution

By Derek Holt, President, K4Connect. Over the past 40 years, many of the world’s largest industries (and by association, companies within those industries) have been dramatically changed by technology adoption.   Technology has changed how companies drive business...

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Inclusivity Through User-Centric Design

By Khoa Pham, Creative Director, K4Connect. One of the major problems with a user-centric design approach is that you typically end up with one or two personas of typical users. This means that those who don’t fall into the category of a “typical user” are often left...

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CES 2017: Innovation Only for the Next Generation?

By Derek Holt, President, K4Connect: January 23, 2017 For those that have ever been to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), you tend to know what to expect.   Each year 175K people from all over the globe descend upon an often very cold Las Vegas ready to present or...

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Tech and seniors: Been there, done that — or have you?

In my first blog post a few weeks ago, I spoke of the transition of senior care from the old nursing home model that had the look and feel of something akin to an “institution” to a more hospitality-oriented environment that often can look more like a resort.

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