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The team at K4Connect believes that technology should not be built just for the next generation, rather it has the potential to empower all generations. As we explore current and future innovations and opportunities in senior technology, our Design, Product, Customer Success, IoT Engineering, Development, Test and Marketing teams will be sharing their insights in this blog. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Developing Empathy in Engineering

By Shannon Smith, Director of Engineering Operations & Quality, K4Connect For nearly two decades, I have fought negative stereotypes about engineers. I’ve heard many times that: Engineers aren’t people. Engineers are all logic. They want facts, not feelings....

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Tech Companies Don’t Care About Older Adults

By Khoa Pham, UX and Design Lead, K4Connect Imagine that you don’t know how to swim and someone throws you into the deep end of the pool. As you’re floundering, someone throws you a life preserver. Just as you are catching your breath, they take you out of the pool,...

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Combating Loneliness and Isolation with Technology

By Kimberly Hartmere, Product Manager, K4Connect – Every day, all over the world, social isolation and loneliness happen more than most of us truly realize. Social isolation occurs when people distance themselves from friends/family psychologically, physically,...

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Welcome to the new K4Blog

Rapidly expanding user base, growing team, scaling impact….it’s time for a new blog!   By Derek Holt, President, K4Connect. Having founded the company in 2013, it was only two years later that we realized that the cutting edge open integration software platform...

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Beauty is Subjective. Solutions are Not.

By Khoa Pham, UX and Design Lead, K4Connect. Being a designer in any industry can be challenging. Years ago, it was not unheard of for design to be considered as the last step in developing a product. Design was supposed to “make it pretty”. And in many places today,...

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Design with Smart Home in Mind: Why Seniors Lead the Way

Senior Consumers Could Lead the Pending Global Smart Home Revolution By Derek Holt, President, K4Connect. Today you are hard pressed to turn on a TV, flip through a magazine or read a blog post without seeing an ad encouraging you to buy some new connected home...

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Tools of the Trade: Designing for Senior Success

By Khoa Pham, Creative Director, K4Connect. The process for designing for older adults is much like designing for any other audience. You begin with research and guidance, gather user data, synthesize and interpret the data, prototype, test, reevaluate and iterate on...

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DSL For Senior Living

By Jonathan Gould, Co-Founder and CTO, K4Connect. As senior living operators work through the challenges of deploying campus wide WiFi to residents, while also providing connectivity for their enterprise applications, an important question should come up – do you...

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