Aging well is something we all desire for ourselves and our parents. Aging includes facades that may be overwhelming to accept and proactively address. Read below on deciding what the best senior housing option is, how you can find purpose at 90-years old, and changes to independent living that meet seniors’ demands.

The Boston Globe: 7 questions to help you decide if senior housing is right for you

Author: Elizabeth Gehrman

Baby boomers, says Joseph Coughlin of MIT’s AgeLab, are “the generation who stopped joining bowling leagues, PTA, Rotary, and all of a sudden, at 83, we’re going to join a community?” Visit the property you’re most interested in several times before committing to it.

“We talk to people about their expectations for size and space,” says Chris Golen of the Commons in Lincoln. “We ask them to visualize downsizing and the things that would be important for them to bring. We want it to be like home.”  You may have to decide which is more important to you: a large apartment or high-end amenities.

Only 24 percent of those aged 40 and older believed they would need long-term care someday, according to a 2013 survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The actual number is about 70 percent. CCRCs with assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing on-site or nearby are more practical than strictly independent living communities.

Washington Post: Meet the 90-year-old Reddit guru

Author: Jessica Contrera

When Roland John “Ron” Lehker was born, there was no Reddit, no social media, no cell phones, no computers. Nobody had televisions and people barely spoke to anyone who lived outside their neighborhood. But now Ron was sitting in the attic of his D.C. home, answering questions from strangers all over the world.

Ron — everyone online knows him as Ron — addresses each question slowly, speaking into a dictation machine that transcribes his answers. He’s been doing this for days now, trying to catch up ever since his grandson set him up in a little corner of the Internet known as Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” or “AMA.”

Anyone can set up an AMA by explaining who they are or what they’ve accomplished. Then the forum is an open invitation to ask them questions. Most non-celebrities who do it get a few dozen responses. On Jan. 10, Ron posted: “I Am 90 Years Old – An officer during WWII, a retired educator, and more engaged with society today than I’ve ever been before. AMA!” Ask me anything!

Senior Housing News: Providers Revamp Independent Living to Meet Demand

Author: Kourtney Liepelt

New development isn’t the only way to meet an uptick in demand for independent living in the post-recession era. These days, higher occupancy rates and aging buildings are driving more providers to revamp existing properties to attract today’s seniors.

Given that independent living and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) were predicted to lead the way in terms of occupancy moving forward, and that a 2016 outlook from statistical rating organization Fitch Ratings revealed that capital investments would likely be directed toward expansions within independent living, it should come as no surprise that providers are making moves to reposition in this area.

In fact, one provider—nonprofit ACTS Retirement-Life Communities—is in the midst of plans to refurbish more than 15,000 independent living units across 23 existing communities along the East Coast in response to the asset class’ post-recession turnaround, says Jeremy Philo, a partner with Kramer+Marks Architects, the architecture firm responsible for the project. ACTS is in fact tackling a $300 million, three-year project to upgrade and reposition all its CCRCs.