When senior living providers take a chance on new technology, it’s common to start small. A pilot can ensure that new tech is a good fit before making a big investment—but too often, a promising innovation ends up in “pilot purgatory,” trapped in a testing phase that was not well planned or smartly executed.

One tech company to emerge on the senior housing scene, K4Connect, has compiled a track record of pilots that move forward and achieve scale. Founded by Scott Moody, one of the creators of Apple’s TouchID technology—K4Connect is a platform that integrates various “smart technologies” that senior living residents and professionals can use to communicate with each other and control their environment. For instance, it offers video messaging applications so residents can communicate with family members, home automation features like thermostat control, and analytics related to resident wellness and satisfaction.

“Right now, virtually all our pilots have turned into orders,” Moody told Senior Housing News.

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